Frank and Rosalyn

This is Holly’s blog, at Redterrain. She is an amazing photographer, and an extraordinary individual. Please read this two part story, it is amazing. There is so much stereotyping, segregation and homelessness among aboriginals in Australia, and Holly is shedding some light on it and would like to spread the word! Meet Frank & Rosalyn! I know that I would love to!

R e d t e r r a i n

The first time I met Frank and Rosalyn, few words were exchanged.  I was an outsider observing their peace.  They were asleep together cradled into each other like spoons under the shade of a large tree, on a blanket with another draped over themselves.   The lawns were being misted by sprinklers.  It was 7am.  I was walking Tessie before work.  She pulled me toward them…and gently roused them from their sleep.

People tell you to watch out, to be frightened and alert.  But, I felt drawn to them….thier life looked so peaceful.  I could see why Tessie was keen to meet them.

The man was friendly with Tessie; he smiled at me and gave her a cuddle.  All I could muster was very timid “Hey”.

I wanted to say more but I was afraid I was being rude, I was technically entering their home.  Tessie led us off in another…

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Moving On

It is a little bittersweet today.  When the truck first pulled in a couple weeks ago and banged the ‘for sale’ sign into our lawn we both let out a small mournful “yeep”.  This was our home.  We love our home.  Seeing ‘for sale’ in front of it was a little sad and a little exciting.  We have so many memories here, but know we will make many more in our new home.  When the SOLD stickers went up, we were more excited, but still a little sad.

sign9This has been such a great home.

IMG_1601But this is our new one!  We are both excited and sad, a normal feeling I am assuming.  It is very dog friendly, and we know our ‘children’ will all love it, as will we!

Cassie had her third birthday this past week as well!  I can’t believe she’s already 3 years old!  As is standard, she had a birthday party. 🙂 She got to play with the sprinkler, wear a princess hat (bc she’s Daddy little princess) and had a cupcake.  As a gift she got a new elk antler, which is her favourite thing!  We love our baby girl more than words can say!

3bean13bean23bean43bean53bean83bean7And here’s to a very safe and Happy Canada Day weekend to everyone!

Moving, moving

Not in the way I’d like to be (ie. running), but ACTUALLY moving.  Our home that is.  Getting a house ready to sell has to be one of the WORST things I’ve ever had to do.  It took a solid month of painting, priming, decluttering, and running around.  But it’s done, and it looks fantastic!

Yappy was pretty tuckered out from the experience as well, so he found a printer and caught some rays.

_MG_8610I think one of the rooms that made me the happiest in its transformation was the living room oddly enough.

IMG_0016And the hallway of doom made me breathe a huge sigh of relief when it was finished.  Holy painting batman. 8 doors to cut around, and take off and sand and prime and sand and ….




IMG_0017Our carport.

Before then after:


Painted the deck as well.

4And the before and after kitchen (we had a painter do the walls for us.)

downloaddownload2Cass has been pretty put out by the whole thing:

photoHopefully it moves fast!  All of the agents that went through loved it! Yay!

Eating right during this process posed a bit of a challenge, but while I’m not yet running I am happy that I’m back on track food wise.  It will be nice to sell and move and be able to get back on track with life as well!

Tardy Tardy

Well, not really.  More outright ABSENT than late.  School sucked me in good, and now home reno’s are doing the same.  All of the hard work paid off though.  This girl made the Dean’s Honour Roll baby! One year down, four more to go!  It’s a little over 100 days until school starts up again, and I must admit, after two weeks off I am so ready to go back!

I’m not much of an uber geek, now am I?

With school out I am able to go full tilt with the house.  Only a couple more weeks until we’re throwing it on the market, and fingers crossed, hopefully a fast sell.  This week’s project consisted of painting the carport and sprucing up the outside.  More of that to come, with usual spring cleanup, but as it’s freezing this week inside work it is.

This little critter (he’s a 21 lb cat) likes to crawl under things he doesn’t actually fit under or into, and hide.  For some reason it was the dogs food stand.

sillyHere he is in all his feline glory.

IMG_1468And once again trying to fit in something he does not – however, he is OBSESSED with this bed.

IMG_1407This try was better.

IMG_1378But all around the kidlets are doing well.

IMG_1400IMG_1458IMG_1169Running?  Not so much lately.  I need to try and figure out a way to balance school and exercise.  But with school done, I can focus on that now as well.  Between my wonderful walking buddy from school, and exercise video’s I know I can get back on track pretty quickly.

In other news, I cut off all of my hair too.  Helllllllo summer time!


My Selfish Someday Wishlist

We all have the ‘things I want someday’ lists in our heads.  For some, it may be a new house, a new car, an education, to be married or even just enough money to put food on the table.  When thinking of it in that perspective, some of the things on my ‘someday’ wishlist seem totally selfish.

My everyday list consists of the wish that everyone is healthy and safe.  I fret constantly about those I love driving, etc.  Mostly in the winter months.  It’s probably a good thing we only have cats and a dog as I would be the worst Mom ever.  My child would have a bubble around them with GPS and a camera strapped to them at all times.  I’m almost that bad with my dog. 🙂

Yesterday as I was sanding down a door from our hallway, I found myself thinking about how much I haven’t run the last couple of weeks.  This week I have a horrible chest cold, and running is out of the question.  I’m left gasping for breath climbing the basement stairs alone.  I’ve coughed so much I’m amazed my skull hasn’t already cracked open and leaked my brainmeats out everywhere.  Anyhow, I digress.  I want SPRING to happen!  That is on my right now wish list.  To be done with the snow and slush and crap!  But someday, someday, I would love a treadmill.  I said it.

My selfish someday wishlist consists of two things: a treadmill and a rowing machine.  Both of excellent quality.  There, I said it.  An insane amount of money for two insane things.  I often use all of my at home gym equipment for the simple reason I do not/cannot afford a gym membership.  I also would rather workout at home than set foot in one.  But that’s just me.  Working out takes up enough of my precious ‘free’ time away from school; commuting to and from another building when I have a perfectly good one right here seems unnecessary.

But would I use them?  Freaking right I would use them! I’ve wanted a rowing machine for YEARS! lol.  The treadmill is a recent want.  I hate them, but prefer them to getting soaked through and freezing in the winter.

So, those are my selfish I-feel-guilty-for-wanting wants. lol.  I think I’m mostly just feeling sorry for myself because I cannot exercise right now. How lame is that?

In other news, Loki helped me out a great deal with the painting by patrolling the cupboard after I took the door off.


A Life of Smoothies, Homework, and My Dog

The above pretty much sums up my life lately.  I don’t post as much as I’d like, though I am still on my ‘program’ per say.  I have been working out much better this semester than last, and my eating habits are improving.

I’m not where I envisioned myself a year ago.  I had these grand ideas of what I would look like; what clothes I could wear.  Alas, it has not happened, quite the opposite in fact, but does that mean I’m just throwing in the towel? Nope. I WILL however greatly enjoy running MUCH more when winter just goes the hell away.  My face near froze off yesterday.  I miss the sunshine on my skin.  I get so depressed this time every year.

As much as I love you Canada, you’re a total killjoy for me this time of year.

In other news, I am obsessed with broccoli slaw.

1 Yes, I know that combination probably looks horrifying, but I like it. 😉 (Broccoli slaw with grilled chicken and my homemade baked beans.) I have been using steamed broccoli slaw in place of rice and pasta for the last few weeks, and I am in love.  It’s so good, and doesn’t leave me with that gross feeling that pasta does.  I haven’t eaten pasta in so long, but damn, I missed spaghetti.  I have to say, I actually like it better with the broccoli slaw than with noodles!

I also received the wonderful news that I was accepted into my college programs I applied to next year.  I’m still waiting on one, the one I REALLY want, and it will be a while yet.  Fingers and toes crossed people!  But I am so excited I got into the college programs, I didn’t think I had a hope in hell for a couple of them!

And, in one weeks time, Cassie will have been with us for two years! More to come on that!

My Bean.

My Bean.

Was That Really A January Night?


That is all I can say about the weather today.  Such a sunny day, and a gorgeous warm evening.  The sun melted all of the snow, and a nice warm breeze is blowing.

I know.  Canada in January – global warming and all of that jazz.  But I can’t complain a single bit.  I also realized today that I am most definitely a nighttime runner.  All day I wanted to throw on my shoes and go for a run.  But then I decided homework was better and fell out of my mood.  It came back, but then I decided a nap was better.  I brought Cassie for a good long four mile evening stroll, and then decided homework was better.

And then it hit me and I threw my shoes on and away I went.  The sun was down, the air was a bit muggy, and it was warm out.  It was amazing. Spontaneous air drumming to my playlist (Avenged Sevenfold “Gunslinger”) and Pink’s “Raise Your Glass’)  and dancing occurred here and there.  I felt so damn good.  ANd better yet, despite such a long hiatus, I’m back at my old pace already!

I can’t WAIT until spring!

I’m pretty happy with myself thus far for staying on track with exercise for the last month.  Eating has been a bit different, but it’s much better than it was.  So far a school/exercise balance is going fairly well!  I hope I can keep it up.

And now, back to Alkane’s and help from the boys with my homework.

Yes I absolutely turn the page onto the cat when he won't move. And yes I let my cats on my desk.)

Yes I absolutely turn the page onto the cat when he won’t move. And yes I let my cats on my desk.)