I Think I Did Sweat My Thorns Off

Saturday was the big day – the 5k sweat your thorns off race!  It was a virtual race held online by the remarkable Adam at The Boring Runner.  For some fun he posted a 5km challenge race, all you have to do is sign up and go!

I was stoked, I was even going to wear the race bib he posted!  Alas-my printer was out of ink!!!!  *Sad face*

I stuck with my regular 5 km so there weren’t any surprises – uphill for 2/3 of the way and then downhill home baby.  It was hot as balls out, and hazy with smog to boot.  What a crappy day.  A large part of me wanted to forfeit, but I bullied myself into it, calling myself every excuse for lazy ass I knew, and off I went muttering back to myself about being such a hard ass. (“Hard ass? You want a hard ass?  GO RUNNING you lazy shit!” Was a common comment in my internal war.)

The first mile was the hardest, and probably the slowest.  I stopped for 30 long seconds at this point to stretch out a tight calf and change my music to something a little more motivating – Avenged Sevenfold’s self titled album.  It was all arms flying and legs pumping from there.

And I did it!  35 minutes!  My PR for a 5 km race.  I know in part I did well because I wasn’t so psyched the heck out as I am at events, where I’m gasping for breath with panic before I even start, lol. It was fun, everyone should go and check out his blog and DO IT!  🙂

Ha! I WISH I looked like this!


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